What is a Target Market? 

a group of customers towards which a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise.

Vertical Audience Networks

Thrive Marketing employs the best in precision target marketing to reach consumers most interested in your Product & Services.

Options include:

Social Boost:

Dynamic Display ads automatically populate with your most recent Social Posts , Tweets as well as your YouTube Videos. Target by variety of Audience Segments.


Site & Search Re-targeting:

We serve display ads on brand-safe, premium sites to consumers who have already visited your website and/or searched specific keywords related to your brand, products and services and even your competition.

Email Marketing:

Target your message by zip, demo or purchase intent to our double opt-in list of local consumers.  Every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Custom Vertical Audience Packages:

We combine some or all of the elements above to create a Custom Audience Network just for you, leveraging the best of Retargeting, Social and Email Marketing.

Strategies for reaching target markets

Mass Marketing

Mass Marketing

A market coverage strategy in which a firm decides to ignore market segment differences and go after the whole market with one offer. It is the type of marketing (or attempting to sell through persuasion) of a product to a wide audience. The idea is to broadcast a message that will reach the largest number of people possible. Traditionally mass marketing has focused on radio, television and newspapers as the medium used to reach this broad audience. Many companies are now shunning away from mass marketing due to the much resources wasted on reaching the whole market while ignoring target individuals.

Differentiated Marketing

Differentiated Marketing Strategy

One where the company decides to provide separate offerings to each different market segment that it targets. It is also called multisegment marketing and as is clearly seen that it tries to appeal to multiple segments in the market. Each segment is targeted uniquely as the company provides unique benefits to different segments. It increases the total sales but at the expense of increase in the cost of investing in the business.

Concentrated Marketing

Concentrated Marketing or Niche Marketing

This approach focuses on selecting a particular market niche on which marketing efforts are targeted. Your firm is focusing on a single segment so you can concentrate on understanding the needs and wants of that particular market intimately. Small firms often benefit from this strategy as focusing on one segment enables them to compete effectively against larger firms.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

For sales teams, one way to reach out to target markets is through direct marketing. This is done by buying consumer database based on the defined segmentation profiles. These database usually comes with consumer contacts (e.g., email, mobile no., home no., etc.).

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