By now, most marketers know about the power of a Facebook business page. But a Facebook page is by no means a substitute for your own website. Businesses should not rely on a Facebook page as their sole online presence. Here are three reasons why your business needs a website, and not just a Facebook page:

1.) Facebook pages aren’t weighted as heavily for SEO.

Although Facebook pages can use SEO to improve their search result rankings, SEO is more effective with webpages. SEO almost always favors a website over a Facebook page in search engine results. People are more likely to do a Google search than a Facebook search when looking for products or services. 61% of consumers use search engines to help them in product research before purchasing, according to Econsultancy. Businesses are likely to have more success in gaining exposure through SEO with websites rather than Facebook pages.

2.) Websites are more permanent.

Have you ever tried to show someone something you saw on Facebook but not been able to find it again? That is because Facebook posts are more temporary in the sense that posts might get deleted or seem virtually impossible to find again. Facebook has also made drastic changes since its start in 2004, and those updates aren’t possible for marketers to control. Ultimately, your Facebook business page is owned by Facebook and is not as stable as your own business’s website.

3.) Not everyone is on Facebook.

According to Smart Insights, 57% of the global population are internet users, while 45% are active social media users. Just by looking at statistics, one can see that a website has the potential to reach more people than a Facebook page. Customers should be able to learn about your business on your website instead of having to make or sign into a Facebook account to view your business page.

A Facebook business page is a great social media marketing tool. But a Facebook business page should never replace a business’s website.  In today’s digital marketing climate, a business should not neglect the power of a website. Creating a business website can be done internally if you are able, or you can turn to a marketing agency, like Thrive Marketing to help you.